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safely conclude that short bacilli indicate rapid growth and long bacilli

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Fiat infusum. Signa. To be employed in the same cases and

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pulsations had become stronger. On the d and th erysipelatous redness

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tion of the ice bag to the forehead and nape of the

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preparations and compounds employed in medical practice. By

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febrile diseases. A strong proof in confirmation of its peculiar

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of iodoform wicking after Gersuny s plan. T ie Brook

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abundant reason to know. A severe chill is common in pelvic

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Professor Donaldson s measurements of a cross section show an

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always judged it expedient to suspend the inhalations

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fifth or sixth day. The duration of the disease there

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Patients either Inoculated or Uninoculated with Old T.V.

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before slaughter. In lieu of the same a committee of the Eng

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in gelatin at the room temperature. From eight of these cultures

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ought to be the same but the disease is very different. Last year

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succession of action analogous to what is observed in the history of

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assault his wife nor do anything which calls for the

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clusions. Dr Dalton s diagram of the circulation. General disturbance

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liquor. Delirium potatorum may result fatally while

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slightly convex is extended laterally by the processes which form

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tion and for auscultation and percussion the probe

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singly. On the anterior border of the liver near the gall bladder there

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are strictly necessary to his theory. Presumably his con

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