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the acarus being demonstrated in the scales of a scurfy patch present

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were as a rule readily relieved by simple injections and

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stated none of the oases recorded could be regarded as expressions of

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joints and which consequently escape when only cutaneous sensory nerves

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means of the skin and bowels. For this purpose patients

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remove mucus from the walls of the alimentary canal.

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mosquitoes with their breeding places and the economic status of

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Attempts to formulate protective tests with the meningococcus

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Cancer of hand amputation of forearm by Teale s method

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opiates to soothe pain to remove sleeplessness or to arrest protracted

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the neurologist to control beds on the same basis as

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limited to the production of merely stimularU effects. I have

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decorticating the periosteum from the tip of the mastoid apophysis.

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first authentic record of the operation of blood letting. It

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the Iowa State College. A Shorthorn bull was first presented.

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With reference to the term practicable as used above I

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The appearance of the cornea varies according to the ex

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ever exists in superfluous quantity for a certain proportion of it is

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gas and small rose colored spots appear here and there on the body.

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represented the accumulations of three years of war

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of resistance and when the same effect whether above or

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were ascertained. The fuel value estimated in terms

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Hard names and technical terms have been avoided as much as possible

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nymphs have the power to transmit the disease adult ticks alone are pathogenous.

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operation consisted in the removal of the astragalus scaphoid

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tion given above as an affection which includes pernicious

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of lymphoid elements in the inguinal glands giving rise to

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expansion without increased capacity or with only a shgh ly mciW

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have followed the example of then brethren at AJdershot but

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