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tions on the pleuree and serous surface of the dura mater.

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types occur The tone of the muscles which oppose the movement is

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and to my mind they afford strong proof of the compound nature

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question of the advantage of combining two or more methods in the

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cytosine sequences could be related to the activity of genes. What began as

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important to improve the method of transplanting the cornea in

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in the path to success yet the great mass of mankind

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ment of spots in the macular region immediately above the upper fold.

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years after the operation the patient appeared in perfect health

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Any one who will note the beautiful play of this tendon

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ventured to invite the present holder from Newcastle. But the innovation was bitterly

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The eminent lecturer and missionary relates that for forty

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indicated by the lack of protection given by glucose when injected

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one and one half years. In one mediastinal gland and in one

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closed by a double row of Lembert s sutures of silk

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abroad. The cities are now in about the same position

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ors and enshrined in our hearts aud memories he has peacefully and

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vessels and glands which become hard and often caseous.

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Coffee tea and cocoa have been known to be stimulants

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now three years in operation gives an indispensable re

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diseases such as scrofula and skin eruptions. Some

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another great dairy invontion. The centrifugal cream separator was

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Community Medicine University of Massachusetts Medical Center Ashby

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