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most usual condition showing cholemia is jaundice. Whether the blood changes

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changes in the toxic products of bacterial activity

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to a very small surface or widely extended and transient or continued

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In the chest there were neither adhesion nor effusion. The

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the subject shrieks or groans with pain. As in all painful affec

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This experiment showed that Bacillus influenza would grow on a

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plying by art a continuance of tho.e supports which nature had

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deaths the patients succumbed with nervous symptoms viz. excessive

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may finally become enzootic in it. The intensity often varies

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man w T hose vehicle should be found nearest this point when the

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B. Pedicle of hernia cerebri dotted line outline of hernia indicated by the

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cases of consanguineous marriage whose results were

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no change in the blood pressure heart rate or respiration.

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such as terriers Newfoundlands and poodles cross the right

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been made for establishing a university at Strasbourg.

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and femoral head as is normally the case but the head was recognized

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followed by immediate or delayed death very severe dyspnea with

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selves to veterinarians on this side of the Atlantic to visit the great

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m. Protective Vaccination by Intravenous Injection of Cerebral

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Patients either Inoculated or Uninoculated with Old T.V.

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foreign body remains injuries of the nerves tendons and fascial

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a metatarsal bone as if it had been partly pushed out