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rliagc from the internal organs. There was howe T. an occasional

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forms of infectious diseases we must try and limit every focus

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spinal cord degeneration and atrophy were found in the

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dulness. Transversely it extends from J in. to left of margin of

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ing is present showing laryngeal or tracheal irritation

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ment is certainly of interest in this connection. Craig also

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the patient had planned for herself. Having been subject to severe

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lesion as non luetic just as we would be without justification in regarding

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Crombie Walter C Schaghticoke Rensselaer Co. Original.

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solutions and with meal pap. Slight reaction appears but only

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The brain being a semifluid mass capable of certain alterations in form

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From Liverpool comes the news of the decease of Mr.

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vious evening. I then catheterized her again drawing off about a pint

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and protected from light. The solution is prepared by adding to each liter

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pomtions aided by the first museum of detached specimens

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dissolved in ounces of distilled water. Septicaemia is amono the

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irritating than the bites of flies partly because the barbed sting is left

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by trypsin. At times the amount of this insoluble prod

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school and a school of finance and political economy

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Dr. HibbiTT I saw this case some six years ago. I dressed

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evesry teacher recc nizes that such short cuts are dangerous in

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ture for at least half an hour. To save a man s life

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overcome but pessaries of various forms and designs were used to

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in hot water and Btrong lye causes lt racking of the skin

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man rapidly defibrinated and allowed to stand in a sterile vessel at

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probable that the sodium bicarbonate salt solution used as the solvent

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