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of twenty six days. Further details are shown in the table. Pneu
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ded through the aperture. The wound was closed with a wire suture
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the leg I proceeded to put in three sutures of silver
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ness before suggesting legal regulations in the matter.
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AtrauH iticarterialaneurytm is u.sually described as hein of two varieties
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Bursatee was Dr. Lyford s title and he followed up his points
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incision was made sufficiently large to freely admit the index finger
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Van Helmont who born at Brussels in and died in and
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the liberal use of alkaline mineral waters. In critical cases the operation
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the remaining members of the herd in number. Accord
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used the bandage where haemorrhage was present and in obsti
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These results have particular bearing on the subject of fatigue in
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few experiments. It should be remarked that the present
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localized in bome remote part of sufficient importance to demand the at
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f ir exceeded the proposed limits of my remarks. I deem
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with comparative rarity as the result of any other lesion
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d una ragazza confuse con frattura della lotula. Arch di
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extensor response of the great toe was found to be present on
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nasal change causing this asthenopia may be very slight
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known at the present time. That unpleasant disturbances such as
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publications regarding the medicinal virtues of this plant
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report is to be commended as being a new departure in
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from vegetables grown in fields fertilized with manure from the
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of new water supply into a certain city did not diminish the
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larynx was strong deep and repeated. Nothing could be discovered
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the channels which connect the various parts are not always present or if
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drinking. From a fifteen years experience as medical attendant
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experiment also explained some pathological appearances which had
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close but that a strong feeling of duty compels us to criticise
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case was the bountiful outpouring of the albuminous material as
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the coffin joint and high when it involves the pastern joint
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studies reported in the present paper were undertaken with a three
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with vaccines made from cases of rickets while Denker suggests the
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